Handwoven Recycled Sofala Bangles

Handwoven Recycled Sofala Bangles

sofalla girlAesthetically appealing, free trade green product and socially responsible trade. The bangles are inspired by the great Mutapa kingdoms 16th century trade prowess and carries forth this spirit into the 21st century.The fashion jewelry is inspired by the ancient tradition of adornment.These bangles where used especially in beauty contests where bright colours in the bangles served to accentuate the models appearance and allure. These remain a symbol of youthful edge and vibrancy.

The inside of the bracelets are water resistant so you can wear these bangles in the rainforest or even in the shower! The vibrate rich colours soaked in breathtaking sunsets are crafted into fashion jewelry using symbols and patterns inspired by a rich culture of craftsmanship and excellence. Each bangle is 100% handmade from recycled materials and are wearable art pieces with slight irregularities and variations in each weavers work which are characteristic of the unique fascinating charm of the bangles. Hand crafted by artisans, these are distinctive accessories of uncommon value.

These vibrant reinterpretations of traditional African fabric patterns are repurposed by master weavers a significant number of whom are stay-at-home parents who would otherwise have had very limited job opportunities. These projects supports woman employment in Africa and each purchase is committed to improving the living standard of these wonderful people through trade.

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